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SecureSphere for SharePoint

SecureSphere for SharePoint provides multi-layered SharePoint security that includes a Web Application Firewall to protect against Web-based attacks, user rights management and activity monitoring to safeguard content such as files, folders and lists, and a Database Firewall to prevent unauthorized access to the Microsoft SQL database at the core of SharePoint. Key Capabilities

  • Ensure access is based on business need-to-know
  • Document compliance, conduct forensic investigations and isolate changes Enforce business rules
  • Determine how best to protect and manage data
  • Protect against Web-based attacks
  • Prevent tampering with the Microsoft SQL database
  • Simplify the process of SharePoint security
IT Operations
  • Save time managing SharePoint permissions and performing user rights reviews
  • Decide how best to manage data
  • Find lost, missing or deleted data
  • Free valuable storage space

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X2500 SecureSphere for SharePoint with 250 Users

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-SPT-X25-250-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-SPT-X25-250-H1

X2500 SecureSphere for SharePoint with 500 Users

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-SPT-X25-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-SPT-X25-H1

X4500 SecureSphere for SharePoint

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-SPT-X45-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-SPT-X45-H1

X6500 SecureSphere for SharePoint

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-SPT-X65-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-SPT-X65-H1