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SR, LR, ER, ZR transceivers for Standard, CWDM and DWDM deployments.

X2 transceivers are a standardised form factor for 10G bit per second data transfer. They are protocol specific and can be used with either Ethernet or Fiber Channel. X2 are used datacom optical links as opposed to telecom. PulseOptics range of X2 transceivers operate at near infrared wavelengths of 850nm, 1310nm & 1550nm and can achieve distances of up to 80km.


Converter X2 To SFP+ 10GB Ethernet SR LR ER ZR CWDM DWDM

DNA Part Code: PU-X2-10GE-CON
PulseOptics MPN: X2-10GE-CON

X2 10GB MultiMode Ethernet 300m 8.1dB 850nm DDMI

DNA Part Code: PU-X2-10GE-SR
PulseOptics MPN: X2-10GE-SR

X2 10GB SingleMode Ethernet 10km 6.2dB 1310nm DDMI

DNA Part Code: PU-X2-10GE-LR
PulseOptics MPN: X2-10GE-LR

X2 10GB SingleMode Ethernet 40km 14.8dB 1550nm DDMI

DNA Part Code: PU-X2-10GE-ER
PulseOptics MPN: X2-10GE-ER

X2 10GB SingleMode Ethernet 80km 24dB 1550nm DDMI

DNA Part Code: PU-X2-10GE-ZR
PulseOptics MPN: X2-10GE-ZR