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ThreatRadar Reputation Services

ThreatRadar Reputation Services provide an automated defense against automated attacks by instantly detecting and stopping known attackers. As an add-on service for the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF), ThreatRadar detects Web traffic originating from IP addresses currently attacking other Websites, from anonymizing services, and from undesirable geographic locations. Key Capabilities
  • Aggregates reputation data from the foremost commercial and non-commercial providers to identify:
    • Malicious IP addresses
    • Anonymous proxies
    • TOR networks
    • Phishing URLs
    • Geographic location
  • Protects against automated and botnet attacks
  • Offers near real-time feeds of global reputation data
  • Visualizes attack location and summarizes reputation data with integrated forensics tool
  • Instantly updates SecureSphere Web Application Firewall policies based on current attack data

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