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ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention Services

ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention Services enable organizations to rapidly provision and manage fraud detection solutions without needing to update Web applications.

By integrating with leading fraud security vendors, the SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) can transparently identify and stop fraudulent transactions. ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention also provides powerful monitoring and enforcement capabilities, allowing businesses to centrally manage WAF and fraud policies together. Policies can assess results from multiple fraud detection solutions for advanced risk-based scoring.

Key Capabilities
  • Maintain brand and customer loyalty by preventing fraudulent activity
  • Correlate fraud and WAF policies for granular identification and blocking of illicit activity
  • Rapidly provision Web fraud solutions, eliminating the window of exposure imposed by manual integration
  • Reduce the cost and disruption of re-coding applications
  • Ensure fraud detection capabilities are up-to-date and support vendors’ latest features
  • Quickly enforce fraud policies using intuitive Web-based policies
  • Monitor and assess fraudulent events using SecureSphere’s powerful alerting and graphical reporting framework

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