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The Anatomy of Mobile Attacks

Know the threat landscape for mobile devices and their attack vectors.

The Anatomy of Mobile Attacks

Understand Mobile Security Threats & Attack Vectors

In typical organisations today, 60% of endpoints containing or accessing enterprise data are mobile - the majority of which do not have any security protection.

With mobile malware accounting for almost a third of total malware, organisations now need a persistent, on-device Mobile Threat Defence (MTD).

MTD solutions protect by preventing, detecting and remediating attacks from mobile all attack vectors, device, network, application and phishing.

Join us for this live webinar insight to understand the state of enterprise mobile security and their vulnerable attack vectors.

In the State of Enterprise Mobile Security Report released by Zimperium in July 2019, compiled from over 45 million mobile endpoints around the world.

It revealed that network attack is the most common attack vector for iOS devices (99.7% of all attacks), whereas both network (52%) and apps (45%) are used for attacking Android devices.

Since many organisations do not have MTD solution on their mobile devices, they simply do not have visibility of these attacks.

By attending this webinar you will understand;

  • Today’s mobile threat landscape
  • How mobile endpoints are being targeted through device, network, app and phishing tactics.
  • How an MTD solution is different to mobile AV solution
  • How MTD complements MDM/EMM
  • What to look for in a mobile threat defence solution

  • Mobility and Security Teams
  • SOC Teams
  • Solution Architects
  • Security Analysts
  • IT Managers
  • Teams involved in IT Security & Compliance
  • Mobile endpoints – single biggest security gap
  • The state of enterprise mobile security
  • The mobile attack vectors:
    • Device
    • Network
    • Phishing
    • Apps
  • Mobile Threat Defence – up the game from AV
  • Mobile Threat Defence – complementing MDM/EMM
  • Exploring MTD – a handy checklist
  • Q&A
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