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Siemens SINEMA Server

The software SINEMA Server V13 was specially developed for industrial applications. It is possible to analyze and observe networks completely by using SNMP for all network components and evaluating SIMATIC and PROFINET assemblies in an automation environment. Collected data is saved in a long-term archive so that it can be evaluated and displayed as required. The determined network diagnosis may additionally be seamlessly integrated via OPC and web mechanisms into HMI/SCADA systems (e.g. WinCC, PCS7).

SINEMA Server V13 was specifically developed for industrial applications and provides maximum transparency in industrial networks through automatic topology recognition, constant network monitoring as well as comprehensive diagnostics and reporting functions. Network diagnostics can be easily integrated into HMI/SCADA systems such as WinCC as well as third-party systems. SINEMA Server V13 also offers complete integration of topology into the HMI/SCADA system via web browser. Warnings and error messages can be passed on via the integrated OPC interface.

Download the SINEMA Server Brochure
Guaranteed integration

Due to the constant expansion with PROFINET and Ethernet-based devices, Siemens offers an integrated network management system with SINEMA Server in terms of Totally Integrated Automation and Totally Integrated Power – from automation system to network components all the way to the field level including drive technology and even power supply. SINEMA Server also offers the highest level of openness for Ethernet-based devices from other manufacturers; these can be easily and conveniently detected and diagnosed by means of SNMP and can therefore be used in infrastructure networks, such as in transportation.

Monitoring of large networks is now possible

Thanks to the 500 nodes per license, SINEMA Server can be used to monitor large networks. If more nodes are required, any number of them can be monitored by a central SINEMA Server, for example, individual production cells can be centrally monitored by only one SINEMA Server station.

Key features
  • Intuitive operation
  • Automatic device detection and generation of the network topology
  • Combining Network and PROFINET system diagnosis
  • Generation of alarms on events
  • Comprehensible network reports
  • Integration into HMI/SCADA systems
  • User-specific topology display
  • User-defined display
  • Diagnostics via web browser
  • Adaptable device profiles
  • Adaptable configuration limits with up to 50,000 network nodes
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