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SCALANCE X – Industrial Switches

The SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet switches feature the FastConnect for RJ45, M12 and fiber optic cables. 

Scalance X Industrial Ethernet Switches offer different interfaces for electrical or optical connections as well as supporting numerous IT standards.

With switches, you can increase the plant availability of your network with seamless redundancy without any reconfiguration time.

SCALANCE X – Unmanaged Switches

Easy to use, rugged and highly suitable for industrial applications: Implement cost-effective industrial Ethernet networks.

SCALANCE X – Managed Switches Layer 2

Discover our versatile and high-performance layer 2 switches for machine-level applications and the networking of subsystems/plant areas.

SCALANCE X – Managed Switches Layer 3

Maximum flexibility and highest network availability: With our layer 3 switches for large networks, you are prepared to meet any communication network demand.

SCALANCE X – Redundant Network Access

Mission critical Industrial Ethernet topologies are increasingly relying on redundant network structures to increase network availability. The SCALANCE X-200 RNA family provides both PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy Protocol) which are redundancy technologies outlined through the IEC-62439 standard. HSR or PRP based RNA switches are available for industrial environments with options for extended approvals allowing it to be used in IEC 61850 (EEC) based environments such as Substation Automation applications.