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PacketLight Solutions

With Packetlight's technology products combined with DNA’s experience and expertise we can help you build WDM Solutions for Financial Institutions, Dark Fiber Providers, Campuses and Universities, Enterprises and Utility Networks.

At DNA Connect we understand how best to connect your devices and networks together using light.

For over 20 years we’ve been helping customers connect more devices, networks and data centers over longer distances, using fewer fibers and with increased security.

Using Packetlight's technology combined with DNA’s experience and expertise we can;

  • Help Financial Institutions deploy low latency high capacity DWDM over Dark Fiber with flexible mix data and Fiber Channel services.
  • Provide Dark Fiber Providers with advanced service offerings such as Video transport and encryption together with monitoring capabilities enabling them to offer managed services to their customers.
  • Help Campuses & Universities build and support campus type infrastructure by providing state of the art, carrier grade optical solution tailored to unique needs of the campus environment.
  • Enable Enterprises to effectively address their data center requirements by providing data and storage connectivity between separate LAN and SAN islands using dark fiber and WDM infrastructure.
  • Provide Utility Companies DWDM solutions that are ideal for building optical backbone infrastructure and carrying teleprotection services.
  • Provide Carriers & ISPs with cost effective high capacity services with the shortest lead times.
  • Help Data Centers meet increasing data capacity demands by providing multi-protocol & multi-rate optical transport solutions.

WDM Solutions for Financial Institutions

In today's fast moving world financial institutions rely heavily on their networks to increase competitiveness making data security of the utmost importance to ensure data integrity, confidentiality and availability and to comply with National and International regulation.

PacketLight products are aimed at helping financial institutions meet today's data connectivity and Business Continuity needs with carrier class, high performance yet user friendly and competitive products.

Main Capabilities for Financial Markets;

  • Security through Layer-1 Encryption
  • Ultra-Fast with Low Latency
  • Reliable, Compact, Multi-Protocol & Multi-Rate
  • Scalable with High-Capacity Data Transmission
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

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WDM Solutions for Dark Fiber Providers

Advances in WDM technologies has allowed dark fiber providers to offer fully managed, private, low latency and transparent connectivity solutions with high throughput.

PacketLight’s WDM product suite of Sub-10G, 10G and 40G/100G are ideal for dark fiber service providers enabling them to offer high bandwidth managed connectivity services for enterprises, campuses and between local exchanges, thus, increasing solution value and driving up customer loyalty.

PacketLight WDM product suite offers multiple advantages to the dark fiber providers;

  • Compact 1RU Solutions that Maximizes Fiber Usage
  • Transparent Solutions with Rich Feature Sets
  • Scalable
  • Simple Installation and Maintenance
  • Low Cost Solution

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WDM Solutions for Campuses and Universities

IT managers at campuses are required to connect multiple campus data centers and server farms to create a local optical backbone network across campuses.

In many instances the university’s network needs are similar to that of high-end carrier networks spanning cross country and incorporating OTN and ROADM technologies.

Main Capabilities for Campus Networks;

  • High Capacity Data Transmission Solutions
  • Rich Feature Sets that are Multi-Protocol & Multi-Rate
  • Reliability in Compact 1RU Solutions
  • Easy Management and Maintenance
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

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WDM Solutions for Enterprises

Rapid growth in storage needs and the ever increasing dependency of enterprises on their data are driving enterprises to look for reliable and cost-effective backup and data protection solutions.

Moreover, natural disasters, terrorist acts and human errors have driven legislators world-wide to generate new regulations for the protection of data resources, such as Sarbannes-Oxley and the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) in the US, Basel II in Europe and the Personal Information Protection Act in Japan.

PacketLight effectively addresses the needs of enterprise by providing;

  • Rich Feature Set Enabling Connectivity of SAN Islands over Existing WAN Infrastructure
  • Low Latency, Transparent & High Throughput Solutions
  • Compact 1RU Solutions that are Multi-Protocol & Multi-Rate
  • Security through Layer-1 Encryption that Satisfies Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Low Cost Solution

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WDM Solutions for Utility Networks Teleprotection

Utility companies are required to provide secure and uninterrupted supply of electricity in order to power our daily lives.

Operating a power grid requires a complex set of tools including comprehensive protective and control measures that ensure reliability and safety.

Utility companies have been using protection relays together with communication links to provide the best possible protection, also referred to as teleprotection.

Being a mission critical requirement, teleprotection needs to provide: hardware and link redundancy, low latency in communication network, and constant monitoring and self-test capabilities.

PacketLight offers WDM backbone solutions that can be deployed over existing or new fiber-optic lines meeting these demands.

PacketLight’s solutions have;

  • Hardware and Link Redundancy
  • Low Latency
  • Remote Monitoring & Management Capability
  • Seamless Connectivity & Easy Maintenance
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

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Advantages of OTN and WDM Networks for Carriers

Access network infrastructure must be flexible in design and support delivery of high-capacity services such as Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, SONET/SDH, Storage Area Network (SAN) and video.

As such, reducing cost by maximising fiber utilisation has become a major consideration for providers leading to increasing use of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM).

This trend has resulted in the evolution of a new Optical Transport Network (OTN) layer over WDM networks enabling more efficient convergence of traditional SONET/SDH and new data services.

PacketLight’s Main Capabilities for Carriers & ISP's Include;

  • High Efficiency & Bandwidth
  • Multi-Protocol & Multi-Rate Feature Set
  • Flexible Mix of High Speed Services
  • Flexible & Seamless Provisioning Platforms
  • Low Cost Solution

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100G Media Convertor for Data Centers

The increasing demand for data capacity is driving the increasing demand for 100G ports on Routers, Switches and Optical Transport Equipment.

As there are many different 100G physical layer standards supporting different media types (LR4/ER4/SR10), form factors (CFP, CFP2CFP4, QSFP28) and distances, there is a need for 100G media conversion functionality.

Packetlights 100G optical transport solutions are designed to meet this need by providing;

  • Multi-Protocol & Multi-Rate Feature Set
  • High Capacity Data Transmission
  • Seamless Connectivity to Dark Fibers
  • Reliability in Compact 1RU Solutions
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

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