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Network Taps

Net Optics Network Taps by IXIA - A reliable data access family of products for monitoring live traffic.

Total Traffic Visibility with Net Optics Network Taps by Ixia

Organizations require 100% visibility into network traffic to ensure peak performance and security. But the larger a network grows, the harder it becomes to monitor.


Blind spots can easily compromise network quality. Traditional monitoring methods, such as port mirroring, can be costly and add layers of complexity. Some monitoring solutions negatively impact network availability and with networks growing faster than ever, now is the time for a high-performance, scalable monitoring solution.


The Net Optics Tap family of products by Ixia provides complete visibility into network traffic to facilitate optimal performance and security. Network taps are installed directly to the network as part of its architecture. And because they are plug-and-play, network taps do not require costly hands-on management.

Regardless of interface or network location, Ixia Net Optics high-performance taps support both copper and multimode and single-mode fiber at speeds of up to 100Gbps. The best part: Ixia Net Optics Taps can provide permanent access to network traffic and allow total traffic visibility for network monitoring and security devices—without introducing costly bottlenecks or points of failure.

  • Ixia Net Optics taps provide 100% visibility to link traffic for greater security and network monitoring tools
  • Offer in-line link fail-over protection
  • Ensure access-ready connectivity
  • Eliminate high costs associated with adding SPAN ports
  • Save valuable rack real estate with high-density solution
  • Deliver fully passive functionality so monitoring infrastructure does not impact network availability

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Flex Taps

Net Optics Flex Taps by IXIA - continuous visibility of 100% of network traffic to support performance and security with no degradation or disruption.

Copper Ethernet Taps

Net Optics Copper Ethernet Taps by IXIA - Superior reliability with total traffic visibility for passive monitoring of Ethernet 10/100/1000 links at 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps.

Virtual Taps

Net Optics Virtual Taps by IXIA - Get visibility into the traffic between virtual machines in virtualized environments.

Aggregator Taps

Net Optics Aggregator Taps by IXIA - Provide access to full-duplex links using a single NIC on the monitoring or analyzer tool.

Copper Ethernet Regeneration Taps

Net Optics Copper Ethernet Regeneration Taps by IXIA - Enable multiple tools to monitor the same network traffic. 

Fiber Regeneration Taps

Net Optics Fiber Regeneration Taps by IXIA - Enable multiple tools to monitor the same network traffic. Multi-Tool monitoring access for multi-mode and single mode fiber devices.