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Network Packet Brokers

Easy-to-use, intelligent filtering and distribution of traffic, including Layer 7 application flows and encrypted secure sockets layer (SSL)


Network monitoring and security tools are critical to tracking network behavior and identifying anomalies. But as traffic volumes explode and organizations turn to the cloud, encrypt traffic, and expand network virtualization, the jobs of securing these complex networks and effectively troubleshooting and monitoring them has become extremely challenging.

Unfortunately, new tools can add even more layers of complexity to the network, diminishing your return on investment in security and performance solutions.

To help ensure network security and protect tech investments, many enterprises, government agencies, and service providers are looking for a new way to gain complete visibility into their network and efficiently distribute only the traffic needed to specialized tools.


This is where the next level of visibility solutions, network packet brokers (NPBs), enter the scene. An NPB (also called packet broker, or monitoring switch) can be extremely useful.

These devices filter traffic to send only the right data to the right tool. Packets are aggregated and filtered from Layer 2 through to the application layer.

Duplicate packets can also be removed and sensitive content stripped before the data is sent to the monitoring tools if that is required. This provides a better solution to improve the efficiency and utility of your monitoring tools.

Ixia’s NPBs deliver an innovative approach to handling and manipulating network packets, offering end-to-end network visibility, and providing line rate, zero-loss traffic distribution to monitoring devices and security tools. The result: enabling efficient and effective network troubleshooting and threat detection with a compelling ROI.

Ixia’s portfolio of compact, hardware-based, rack-mounted appliances intelligently distribute and load balance traffic flow to your specialized network and security tools. This solution provides a more granular view of how the network is performing and possible issues or security threats, with insight all the way to the individual application and end user.

Leveraging Ixia NPBs, you can expect your network technologies to become more effective with troubles spotted and fixed faster, even as tools and traffic grow.

  • Aggregates monitored traffic from multiple links and segments
  • Deep packet inspection and filtering grooms traffic to relieve overburdened monitoring tools
  • Load-balances traffic across a variety of tools
  • Regenerates traffic to multiple tools
  • Time stamping and data masking aid in compliance and working with sensitive data
  • Extended burst protection, available with the Advanced Feature Module, offers traffic management and protection to online businesses subject to bursts of actvity
  • Provides SSL decryption for greater insight, including all traffic
  • Integrated Advanced Threat Intelligence Processor (ATIP) module, included with the Vision Series of NPB's to enable access to actionable metadata and insight into applications, including your mission-critical custom apps
  • Installs, configures, and sends clean traffic to appliances in less than 30 minutes

Ixia Network Packet Brokers Comparison TableDownload : IXIA Keysight Network Packet Brokers Features Brief and Comparison Table

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