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FinalCode for Box

Secure and seamless file access, usage control and deletion of files outside the Box container to Box collaborators.

Box provides an intuitive cloud file sharing and collaboration platform with comprehensive file management and governance capabilities.

But once sensitive data is obtained by an authorized recipient outside the secure Box container, file protection and accountability are diminished, as are data privacy breach safe harbors.

FinalCode for Box ensures persistent file access, usage control and deletion of files that are outside the secure Box container in a way that is seamless to Box collaborators.

With FinalCode, organizations gain strong file encryption, dynamic permission setting, and lifecycle activity tracking – directly invoked within the Box interface.

File Security Right Out of the Box
  • Apply persistent security to files and folders leaving the secure box container
  • Seamlessly manage and change permissions to view or edit files by simply updating file and folder Box collaborator types which are linked to FinalCode security settings
  • Leverage intuitive Box workflow, user and security management

  • Dynamic Collaborator File Control
  • Readily change, lock or revoke collaborator access and usage permission to shared files and entire folders.
  • Remotely delete files on recipient’s device, on demand or on access attempt violation, even after files have been removed from box.
  • Security policy inheritance as files and folders move within the Box folder hierarchy.
  • Negate collaborator means to revert back to original unprotected files uploaded to Box.

  • Extend Box File Governance
  • Track the details on who, when and where shared files are opened, modified, printed and remotely deleted.
  • Preserves Box indexing metadata while ensuring encryption and usage control of files outside of Box.
  • Gain unified audit records within box and within log management platforms.

  • Like Box – Pay for Use, Cost-effective
  • Licensed by internal user for project, department or enterprise-wide implementation.
  • No cost for collaborators outside the organization.
  • Available to Box Express or Box Enterprise edition users.

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    FinalCode Add-on option, Box integration

    DNA Part Code: FC-EXP-OPT-BOX-001
    FinalCode MPN: EXP-OPT-BOX-001

    FinalCode Add-on option, Box integration

    DNA Part Code: FC-ENT-OPT-BOX-001
    FinalCode MPN: ENT-OPT-BOX-001