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FinalCode - Express Edition

Ultimate file security solution for businesses to easily share sensitive files by using Information Rights Management in a protective environment inside and outside their organizations.

FinalCode’s persistent file security solution is designed to enable businesses to easily protect shared sensitive files wherever they go within and outside their organization.

Available as a SaaS or on premise virtual appliance offering, FinalCode makes implementation of enterprise-grade encryption and comprehensive entitlement functionality easy.

The patented approach preserves user workflows, storage and collaboration platform investments while protecting across all communication channels: trusted, untrusted, private or public.

  • SaaS & On-Premise: Software as a Service or On Premise Virtual Appliance.
  • Support: Standard support included.
  • Unlimited number of protected files: FIPS certified Suite-B crypto module. Strong encryption to any file. Capture file permissions and usage activity.
  • Broad file-IRM control for popular file types: View, Save, Edit, Print, Screen capture. More extensive file activity tracking Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat and more.
  • Remote file protection: File deletion on demand. Dynamically change usage policy. File unlock on demand.
  • Intuitive local app and web console: Multi-factor user/device authentication. Secure files locally, manage controls online. Online and offline policy enforcement.
  • Apply multiple permission sets per file: 2 sets / 2 templates per file. 50 recipients per set.
  • Automated folder security: Apply policy to files to up to 5 local folders. Apply policy to cloud collaboration folders. Preserve original file prior to security.
  • Streamlined administration: On demand, self-service user onboarding. Active Directory and SAML 2.0 interoperability. Manage recipient permission requests. Create custom and standard templates. Full file activity search and SYSLOG support.
  • Key Management: SaaS master key protection via AWS KMS option.
  • Mobile device support: Up to 2 devices per user, Windows PC, Android and IOS.
  • CAD file protection: Optional features and services available at additional cost.

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On-Premise Virtual Appliance

FinalCode Virtual appliance, perpetual licenses or subscriptions.

Cloud SaaS

FinalCode Software as a Service for business, SaaS subscriptions.