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File Firewalls

SecureSphere File Firewall (FFW) delivers real-time file security with policy-based alerting and blocking, access activity auditing, and user rights management for files stored on file servers and network attached storage (NAS) devices. SecureSphere policies complement file server access control lists (ACLs) which often fall out of synch with corporate security policy.

In addition to blocking unwarranted access, SecureSphere creates a comprehensive file activity audit record which can be used to accelerate security incident response and forensic investigations.

SecureSphere FFW helps ensure access to sensitive file data is based on a business need-to-know by identifying existing user access rights and facilitating a complete rights review.

Key Capabilities
  • Block and alert on file access requests that violate corporate policies
  • Identify excessive user access rights and enable a complete rights review
  • Audit all access to files and folders by users and applications
  • Investigate and respond to incidents and document compliance with advanced analytics and reporting
  • Identify data owners

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X2500 File Firewall with 250 Users

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-FFW-X25-250-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-FFW-X25-250-H1

X2500 File Firewall with 500 Users

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-FFW-X25-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-FFW-X25-H1

X4500 File Firewall

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-FFW-X45-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-FFW-X45-H1