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File Activity Monitoring

SecureSphere File Activity Monitoring (FAM) delivers user rights management, real-time file monitoring, and access auditing for files stored on file servers and network attached storage (NAS) devices. SecureSphere identifies existing user access rights and facilitates a complete file permissions review cycle to help ensure access to sensitive data is based on a business need-to-know.

SecureSphere audits all data access activity to provide visibility into who owns and is using file data. It accelerates incident response and forensic investigations with analytics, reporting and alerts on abnormal activity.

Unlike native auditing solutions, SecureSphere performs file auditing by monitoring network communications, so it is able to establish an audit trail without degrading file server performance.

Key Capabilities
  • Identify excessive user access rights and enable a complete file rights audit and review cycle
  • Audit all access to files including access by privileged users and applications
  • Alert on file access requests that violate corporate policies
  • Identify data owners
  • Document compliance, investigate and respond to incidents with advanced analytics and reporting

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X2500 File Activity Monitoring with 250 Users

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-FAM-X25-250-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-FAM-X25-250-H1

X2500 File Activity Monitoring with 500 Users

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-FAM-X25-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-FAM-X25-H1

X4500 File Activity Monitoring

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-FAM-X45-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-FAM-X45-H1