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Cloud WAF

Imperva Cloud WAF, powered by Incapsula, is an easy and affordable cloud-based Web Application Firewall service that offers businesses a powerful way to protect critical Web applications. Imperva Cloud WAF is a service enabling organizations to jumpstart their Web application security initiative in a matter of minutes.

Imperva’s experienced security professionals provide around-the-clock monitoring, tuning, and security reports, so even businesses without dedicated security or IT staff can rest assured that their Web applications and data are safe.

Key Capabilities
  • Protect against Web Application attacks like SQL injection, XSS, and directory traversal
  • Achieve PCI 6.6 compliance quickly and cost-effectively
  • Avoid search engine blacklisting Stop automated attacks like comment spam and site scraping
  • Improve Website performance through caching and compression
  • Leverage fully managed services provided by Imperva security experts

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