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SmartSwarm Gateway

Seamlessly integrate data from diverse systems, devices and sensors into the Industrial Internet of Things

SmartSwarm 342 Gateway

The SmartSwarm 342 IIoT gateway is aimed at owners and operators of remote assets wishing to integrate data from the asset into IIoT applications such as dashboarding, analytics or predictive maintenance.

Data can be collected from a number of sources, including web feeds, databases and files, as well as from locally connected physical devices and sensors.

SmartSwarm 342 also includes an interface and manager for B+B SmartWorx Wzzard wireless sensor platform providing robust acquisition and transmission of asset sensor data without the expense or time involved in installing cables.

For bulk I/O requirements where cabling is not an issue, it is also compatible with WISE and ADAM Ethernet connected I/O modules.

SmartSwarm Gateway 342 data sheetSmartSwarm 342 Gateway : Download Datasheet

SmartSwarm 351 Gateway

Unlike the devices that require a rip and re-install on the factory floor, the SmartSwarm 351 simply listens in to your existing automation systems and translates what’s meaningful to the right part of the business without interrupting business-as-usual for your engineers.

This allows the right people to see what they couldn’t see before, identifying waste and opportunities in ways that operations managers and engineers can’t.

SmartSwarm 351 works with minimal set up and interruption, through a simple web interface, that lets you configure the SmartSwarm 351 to translate cryptic SCADA data to a descriptive format easily consumed by your business applications.

SmartSwarm 351 also offers a variety of filters to help control the flow of data to your enterprise software on an event-driven basis, limiting the possibility of excessive data overload and resource cost on the IT side.

SmartSwarm Gateway 351 data sheetSmartSwarm 351 Gateway: Download Datasheet


  • Configurable user business logic data processing & display engine
  • Comprehensive data outputs via MQTT, email, SMS and a variety of other services and database connections
  • Integrates sensor data from WZZARD, WISE, ADAM & third party devices
  • Integrates data from internet feeds
  • Also acts as LAN to WAN bridge for 3rd party device connection

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