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Cellular Industrial Wireless Routers and Gateways

Industrial Cellular Routers & Gateways with built-in Intelligence for M2M and IoT standards and network designs.

B+B SmartWorx industrial wireless and cellular LTE routers are ideal for applications in M2M, IoT, IT and communications, industrial automation, transportation, security and energy to provide consistent, secure and reliable wireless connections for critical applications.

Smartflex LTE Router

The SmartFlex™ cellular LTE router provides secure Internet connectivity for devices and LANs via the cellular LTE networks.

It can be used to provide automatic wireless failover for wired networks, wireless connectivity for devices in remote locations where cable connections are impractical, and wireless connectivity for mobile assets.

With upload speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s and download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, the SmartFlex™ provides ample bandwidth, even for applications that require video.

UR5i v2 Libratum UMTS/HSPA+ Router

Non-modular wireless router features high speed data rates 14.4 Mbps, two Ethernet 10/100 ports and dual-SIM failover capability for mission critical applications.

This router is particularly suited to the demands of the “Transaction Management" industry such as point-of-sale terminals, remote ATMs and vending terminals as well as a huge variety of intelligent remote monitoring and control applications in the Transport, Energy and Security sectors.

SmartSwarm Gateway

The SmartSwarm IIoT gateway enables owners, operators, and integrators of remote assets to integrate data from the asset into IIoT applications such as dashboarding, analytics or predictive maintenance.

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SmartFlex Cellular LTE Router

Flexible cellular LTE routers for automatic wireless failover for wired networks and wireless connectivity for IoT and M2M assets and mobile devices in remote locations.

UR5i v2 UMTS/HSPA+ Router

Balanced, non-modular UMTS/HSPA+ router with standard features

SmartSwarm Gateway

Seamlessly integrate data from diverse systems, devices and sensors into the Industrial Internet of Things