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Avigilon ACC 7

Avigilon Control Center Software (ACC 7) introduces an entirely new way to monitor live video through its Focus of Attention interface, enabling operators to see at a glance what is happening across the entire site and more effectively triage and respond to the most important events.

Avigilon Control Center 7

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is Avigilon's video analytics management software that optimizes the way security professionals manage and interact with high-definition security surveillance videos.

ACC 7 incorporates Focus of Attention Interface.

The Focus of Attention interface redefines the experience for monitoring live video. It helps increase operator effectiveness by providing an overview of events occurring across all cameras in the site including;

  • Avigilon Analytic Events
  • Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) Events
  • Motion Events
  • Alarms

Avigilon ACC 7.6Avigilon ACC 7.6 : Download Datasheet

Avigilon Control Center 7 with Focus of Attention Interface

Avigilon Control Center 7.6 - UAD and UMD

ACC 7.6 incorporates Unusual Activity Detection (UAD).

Advanced AI technology highlights the unanticipated by automatically flagging unusual activity and motion. Without any configuration, UMD detects atypical movement while UAD is object-aware and detects anomalous behavior (speed and location) of people and vehicles.

  • UAD (Unusual Activity Detection) – H5A Camera Line
  • UMD (Unusual Motion Detection) – H5SL, H5M, H4A, H4SL and H4M Camera Lines

  • ACC 7.4 incorporates Facial Recognition Technology.

    ACC 7 software incorporates AI-powered facial recognition technology to help organizations accelerate response times by identifying people of interest.

    Through the new “appearance alerts” capability, people of interest are identified based on a secure, controlled watch list created and maintained by authorized users at the organization.

    You can add a person to a face watch list from recorded video or Avigilon Appearance Search results. Appearance alerts are displayed in the Focus of Attention interface.

    Avigilon cameras licensed for facial recognition will seek to identify potential matches based on the watch list.

    If a match is found, the user is alerted within the ACC software, helping security personnel quickly determine if further action is necessary.

    Avigilon Control Center 7 with Focus of Attention Interface

    • Facial Recognition Technology
    • HDSM™ Technology
    • HDSM SmartCodec™ Technology Support
    • Avigilon Appearance Search Technology
    • Intelligent Search
    • Simple Camera and Server Installation
    • Avigilon Presence Detector™ Support
    • License Plate Recognition (LPR) Analytics
    • ACM™- ACC interoperability
    • Alarm Escalation
    • ACC Mobile Software
    • Detailed Management, Monitoring, Reporting of System Status and Security
    • POS Transaction Engine
    • Scalable Integration with External Systems
    • ONVIF® Profile S and Profile T Compliant VMS
    • Unusual Motion Detection
    • H4 Video Intercom Support
    • Light and Dark UI Themes

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    ACC 7 Core Edition camera license

    DNA Part Code: AV-ACC7-COR

    ACC 7 Standard Edition camera license

    DNA Part Code: AV-ACC7-STD

    ACC 7 Enterprise Edition camera license

    DNA Part Code: AV-ACC7-ENT