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Powerful and easy to use end-to-end security system and solutions to manage video surveillance and access control needs from a single work station, through a range of video surveillance and access control products - from servers to cameras to door readers.

Avigilon designs, develops and manufactures video surveillance products including IP enabled;

Avigilon's solutions have been installed at customer sites, including school campuses, transportation systems, healthcare centers, public venues, critical infrastructure, prisons, factories, casinos, airports, financial institutions, government facilities, and retailers.

DNA Connect is an authorised distributor for Avigilon in Australia.

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Avigilon Surveillance and Security Camera Solutions

Avigilon Surveillance and Security Solutions cover all industries including;

  • Airports: Meet comprehensive security requirements while keeping travellers and staff safe and minimizing service disruptions for passengers
  • Financial Institutions: Ensure safety and security of staff, customers and assets
  • Casinos: Obtain detailed evidence needed to avoid false claims, protect assets and keep guests safe
  • City Surveillance: Provide best value for money solutions for a city ensuring citizen safety in various environments with fewer cameras
  • Commercial: Protect spaces and ensure customer and employee safety by securing entrances, work spaces and parking garages
  • Critical Infrastructure: Ensure the security of large scale projects with vast coverage and a simple way to manage security permissions
  • Education: Keep students and staff safe across large or multiple campuses
  • Health Care: Protect facilities and ensure the safety of patients and staff
  • Logistics: Minimise service interruptions and maintain passenger safety
  • Public Transport: Protect thousands of daily commuters and minimise false liability claims, prevent vandalism and reduce property damage
  • Retail: Prevent shoplifting and false liability claims by monitoring hallways, retail space and parking lots
  • Stadiums: Manage the safety and security by covering large areas, making it easy to spot suspicious activities with Avigilon's HD Pro cameras

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Avigilon Products

A full range of video surveillance products, access control solutions and video analytics - from servers to surveillance cameras to security door readers.

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Insights & Tech Training's for Subject Matter Experts and Partners about the latest VMS, Surveillance cameras and Technologies from Avigilon.

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Discover what is possible for both you and your customers by harnessing the power of latest technologies from Avigilon and how best to sell them to customers.