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TotalPay®- Preserve credit and capital whilst increasing purchasing power and budgeting options.

Flexible Financing Options

Preserve credit and capital whilst increasing purchasing power and budgeting options.

TOTALPAY® is brought to you by DNA Connect to provide approved customers with the ability to finance any combination of Hardware, Software, Cloud and Services.

Click here to visit the mobile-optimised TOTALPAY® website that gives you the ability to create on-demand quotes for our innovative payment solutions. You will also get access to collateral and sample forms to support your offering to your Customer.

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Flexible Financing Solution for Partners

TOTALPAY® provides DNA resale partners with the opportunity to;

  • Close more deals with customers with limited budget / cashflow constraints
  • Increase the overall $ size of the sale – include installation, services and maintenance
  • Reduce time to close with rapid application / approval process
  • Structure deals with flexible payment terms, deferred payments
  • Get sticky: customers can use the same funding arrangements to add future purchases
  • Finance deals that include hardware, software, cloud and professional services
  • Your transaction trail doesn’t change
  • You get full revenue recognition

Financing Solutions
  • Capital Preservation - TOTALPAY® allows a company to conserve its working capital, allowing it to allocate cash for other purposes. Cash tied up in fixed assets is no longer available to finance important profit generating areas such as inventory, production, marketing, research and development.
  • Credit Preservation - Most businesses have access to limited credit lines at their bank and with Suppliers. Operating Lines, Demand Loans, Mortgages and other term facilities must be kept within the bank’s total exposure limit for that business. By using a third-party leasing company to finance your technology purchases, you are effectively opening new credit lines - credit lines which normally require no down payments, and no outside collateral - while preserving your existing (and future) bank borrowing ability.
  • Budgeting Options - TOTALPAY® provides the opportunity to maximize your OPEX IT Budget. With finance options including rental/operating lease or a specialized purchase order/ subscription solution to match your seasonal or anticipated cash flows.
  • Flexibility - In addition to tailored payment streams, finance can be designed with different types of purchase options. Moreover, financing your business assets often facilitates easier upgrades, add-ons and trade-ups.
  • Additional Purchasing Power - TOTALPAY® finance can typically provide businesses more purchasing power than when using either cash or bank loans by funding 100% of the purchase (Bank loans typically apply to only a portion of the overall purchase requiring the business to provide equity in the transaction).
  • Total Cost Financing - TOTALPAY® finance can cover computer software licenses, hardware, annual maintenance fees, cloud subscriptions and the fees associated with their delivery, installation, setup and configuration - helping to significantly reduce initial cash outlay.
  • Competitive Rates - Rates are competitive when compared to overdraft and bank loans.
  • Simple, Easy, Painless Process - complete a simple application, undertake a simplified credit review, sign and take delivery of your products!

TOTALPAY® is brought to you by Digital Networks Australia (DNA) and BHO Finance (BHO).

Digital Networks Australia (DNA) is one of Australia’s most experienced IT companies with over 25 years’ experience delivering IT Products and Services.

BHO Finance (BHO) provides financing solutions focusing on the IT market. BHO's goal is to provide the means by which both small and large enterprises can have access to cutting edge technology.

Start generating on-demand quotes with TOTALPAY®

Terms & Conditions: Available to approved Customers on transactions of $10,000 or more. BHO Finance maintains the right not to accept an application and/or to vary rates based upon application outcomes. Quotes are valid for 14 days from the date of issue. Payments are made in advance by direct debit only.TOTALPAY® and DNA CONNECT®are trademarks of Digital Networks Australia Pty Ltd A.C.N. 060 294 895.