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Splunk Solutions

Splunk software transforms machine-generated data into valuable insights that can help make businesses more productive, profitable and secure.

Splunk for Application Delivery

Better Code. Faster Delivery.

Developing, testing, deploying and maintaining large scale, highly distributed and interconnected applications is extremely challenging. Splunk® Enterprise enables you to find and fix application problems faster to reduce downtime as well as gain proactive, end-to-end operational visibility into your key performance indicators.

  • Delivers improved uptime and lower MTTR with proactive alerting and rapid troubleshooting
  • Maintains business-critical SLAs by monitoring applications across all tiers
  • Provides new insights into customer usage and business transactions
  • Improves DevOps collaboration and supports continuous deployment efforts
  • Creates performance insights for application software and mobile app developers

Splunk for Big Data

Big Data's Hidden Jewel

Machine data is one of the fastest growing and complex areas of big data. It’s also one of the most valuable, containing a definitive record of transactions, customer behavior, sensor readings, machine behavior, security threats, fraudulent activity and more. Splunk® software can help you unlock the hidden value of all your machine-generated data.

Splunk big data solutions include:

  • Hunk®: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop
  • Splunk Hadoop Connect
  • Splunk ODBC Driver
  • Splunk DB Connect

Splunk for Business Analytics

Insights Beyond Structured Data

The world of business analytics is changing. Data architects, analysts, marketers and product managers are tapping into new data sources like machine data and combining them with structured data to provide valuable business insights in real time.

Splunk provides new business insights:

  • Leverage a new class of data for business analytics
  • Enrich machine data with structured data for business context
  • Gain real-time business insights
  • Complement existing BI tools and other big data technologies

Splunk Cloud Solutions

Remove Obstacles. Enable Immediate Growth

Splunk is all-in on cloud, delivering all Splunk software as cloud services, running all corporate IT in the cloud, leveraging SaaS offerings for mission critical applications.

Splunk Cloud Solutions include:

  • Splunk Cloud
  • Splunk Enterprise on AWS
  • AWS Solutions
  • Apps for Cloud Services
  • Hybrid Visibility
  • SIEM in the Cloud

Splunk for the Internet of Things

Instant Insights

Splunk software provides a scalable and versatile platform for machine data generated by all of the devices, control systems, sensors, SCADA, networks, applications and end users connected by today's networks. Use Splunk for use cases such as industrial operations and maintenance, security, safety and compliance, and device analytics.

Splunk for IT Operations Management

Turn Silos of Data Into Operational Insights

Drive critical business decisions, reduce costs and complexity and maximize operational efficiencies by consolidating your silos of machine data into actionable insights with Splunk® software.

  • Resolve problems faster, reduce downtime and improve user satisfaction and customer retention
  • Correlate events across all layers of your infrastructure for service level visibility
  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies
  • Enable innovation and make better business decisions with IT operational analytics and intelligence

Splunk for Security and Fraud

Detect. Respond. Prevent.

Splunk® security solutions enable organizations to detect, respond and prevent these threats by providing valuable context and visual insights to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. Splunk enables analytics-driven security.

Splunk for Log Management

Search. Diagnose. Report.

Splunk software supports log data enrichment by providing flexible access to relational databases, field delimited data in comma-separated value (.CSV) files or to other enterprise data stores such as Hadoop or NoSQL. Splunk software supports a wide range of log management use cases including log consolidation and retention, security, IT operations troubleshooting, application troubleshooting and compliance reporting.

  • Index, search and correlate any data for complete insight across your infrastructure
  • Drill down and up and pivot across data to quickly find the needle in the haystack
  • Turn searches into real-time alerts, reports or dashboards with a few mouse clicks
  • Securely make operational data available without requiring access to production systems
  • Scale from a single server to global datacenters
  • Deploy and search across on-premise, hybrid-cloud and private/public-cloud based installations

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