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Splunk Partner Services

Enabling Partners to succeed.

Splunk Pre-Sales Assistance

DNA Connect has many years of real world experience delivering Splunk pre- sales and our expertise and resources are available for you to utilise as your own team gain the skills and experience to become self sufficient.

One of our Architects will become a member of your team and mentor your engineers. We'll provide demo's and POC's, assist you during onsite pre-sales engagements and offer architecture assistance to ensure you are putting forward the right design - every time.

Utilise our pre-sales service while you skill-up and you'll be on your way to becoming best practice and world class.

Assisted Pre-sales

Presenting the value of Splunk during the early stage of a customer engagement requires a technical discussion. A member of our technical team can accompany you to an onsite meeting or join remotely to assist you to convey the technical differentiators and features of Splunk

Splunk Demo

Using pre-built apps and a data generator, one of our Architects can customise a demo to suit your customer requirements. This can include a technical presentation using the material that's also available in the Splunk Partner Kit. These demos are often an essential ingredient in the early stages of a customer engagement.

Proof of Concept

It’s essential to provide your customers with an effective evaluation of Splunk. We can help by providing a license key, and assistance with design, installation and customisation. Our Architects are available with email and telephone support during the evaluation period

We will work with you to fully understand the customer requirements including sizing, storage and network topology and we will help you put forward the right design. Getting this step right can make the difference to your trusted advisor status and so will be hand on to make sure you get it right - every time

Professional Services

If you are currently developing skills or simply don’t have sufficient resources available you can use our experienced team of Certified Architects to help build and deploy even the most complex Splunk solutions for your customers. We can also develop applications on your behalf.

Our Architects can train your engineers ‘on the job’ so they will be ready to generate more professional services in the future.

You can treat us as an extension to your team and as we transact exclusively through our Partners, your customers will always remain yours.

Splunk Lead Generation

In addition to a range of agency style lead generation services DNA Connect can provide the following activities to assist you to generate leads and opportunities.

Search Parties

A Search Party is a gathering of Splunk Users that provides a great platform to share and explore different ways to extract meaningful information from Splunk in a collaborative environment. They are hosted by our senior Architects and are designed for existing users only.

Our regular virtual house search parties are free for anyone to attend. Office search parties are restricted to employees within a single company. Office parties can be hosted virtually to allow remote Splunkers to join or we can host on your premises.

Power Days

Power days are deep dive sessions designed to provide a forum for technical discussion.The objective of the forum is to provide an opportunity for potential or existing customers to technically explore how a Splunk solution could be applied to solve a particular problem within their environment.

Sessions typically run for 60 to 90 minutes and are dedicated only to your customer’s team.

Health Checks

Conducted by our Splunk Architects, Health Checks are designed to help your customers get the most from their Splunk investment and explore the following areas:

  • Production Environment including virtual and physical
  • Architecture including Splunk instances, search heads, forwarders, indexers, apps and h/a and multi-site configs
  • Data Collection/Ingestion including sources, types, methodology and use-case requirements
  • User Analysis including Apps, search interface, dashboard and pivot table interface usage

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