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WFH management with Splunk and uberAgent

Learn how uberAgent and Splunk can tell you everything you need to know about maintaining a productive remote workforce.

Recommended for anyone involved in managing remote end-user connectivity and productivity.

WFH management with Splunk and uberAgent

Helping Helpdesks Help

In these unprecedented times companies are faced with the challenge that most of their employees are suddenly working from home.

This means that support teams and technologies such as VPNs or virtual apps & desktops are being pushed to the limit (or even beyond).

uberAgent with Splunk helps helpdesk staff answer questions like “why is my Citrix is slow” or “why does my app always crash?” and provides network teams with a toolkit to help remotely troubleshoot connectivity and capacity plan networks.

Register for this live webinar to find out how your organisation can solve key user experience issues faced with the spike in remote working within your existing Splunk environment.


Upon attending you will understand how uberAgent can help your organisation;

  • Analyze VPN usage and troubleshoot VPN connectivity
  • Troubleshoot network issues such as latency and bandwidth
  • Spot bottlenecks and plan for optimized resource utilization
  • Provide more insights for your helpdesk to help troubleshoot common complaints including slow logins, applications crashing and Citrix performance
  • Monitor employee login times, application usage and web activities
  • Why end-user experience matters
  • The challenges of desktop monitoring
  • How uberAgent helps address key challenges for organisations supporting a remote workforce
  • How to obtain an unlimited user 2 month free uberAgent license and get immediate benefits
  • Q&A

  • Splunk customers and users
  • Splunk channel partners
  • Anyone involved in managing remote end-user connectivity and productivity

The session is presented by DNA Connect’s experienced team of technical engineers and product managers.

Use their extensive understanding and knowledge of uberAgent and Splunk to get answers to any question. No topic is ignored.