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Serial Device Servers

Magnum DX products combine the features of Serial Device Server, Ethernet Switch and IP Router in a single product. Each DX unit serves as a multi-protocol concentration and access point for a fiber-based Ethernet connection to a small site.
Encrypted per-session SSL and IPsec VPN capabilities, along with other industrial firewall and port security features, assure cyber-security protections will extend cost effectively all the way to end-point devices and small facilities. Other features include OSPF, port rate limiting, and SFTP.
DX Family Features:
  • Hardened for harsh industrial environments
  • IEEE 1613 / IEC 61850-3 for power utility substations
  • Serial and Ethernet interfaces (both RJ-45 and 100Mb fiber SFP/SFF)
  • Multiprotocol support including: Async and SCADA to TCP/IP; IP Routing; RSTP; Serial multipoint and Multimaster topologies
  • Cyber-Security protection including: Serial SSL; Secure HTTP; IPSec encrypted VPNs; Ethernet port security; TCP/IP firewall; Serial port SSL; Per-Serial port VLANs;
  • Modbus TCP is now available with MNS-DX 1.3.
  • Web GUI, XML
  • Industrial firewall appliance
  • SNMP management
  • AC and DC power input

Useful Links:

DX40 Serial Device Router

The Magnum DX40 Serial Device Router supports two RS232 or RS485 software selectable serial interfaces and two Ethernet ports, one or both of which may be fiber--or both can be 10/100 copper. It combines features of a serial device server, Ethernet switch, and IP router in a single product.

DX800 Serial Device Router

The Magnum DX800 Serial Device Router supports four RS232 or RS485 software selectable serial interfaces and four Ethernet ports, including two fiber ports. With mounting options for panels, DIN-rail or 19” racks, the DX800 provides deployment flexibility for wherever a mix of Serial and Ethernet-based connectivity is required.

DX900 Serial Device Router

With 4 Ethernet Ports, 4 x RS232/RS485/RS422 software selectable serial ports and a WAN Port the Magnum DX900 Industrial Router enables remote network connectivity to substations, transportation systems, and other remote industrial sites using Digital WAN services such as DDS, T1/E1, frame relay, TDM, IP and MPLS-based VPN services.