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SecureSphere MX Management

Imperva SecureSphere management products increase security operations efficiency by delivering superior performance, scalability and unified management capabilities for any size deployment.

Whether you're managing a small data center, or a large number of business units, data centers, or customers, SecureSphere products give you the visibility and control to minimize administrative overhead and ensure a strong data security posture.

Key Capabilities

  • Unify auditing, reporting and logging across different SecureSphere products
  • Apply unique auditing and security capabilities to specific domains
  • Visualize security status and monitor incidents in real-time
  • Investigate user activity with interactive audit analytics
  • Monitor environment health from a single console
  • View security activity for the entire deployment
  • Manage and distribute policies system wide
  • Enforce audit and security policies across a federation of users

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M100 Management Server

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-M10-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-M10-H1

M150 Management Server

DNA Part Code: IV-SS-M15-H1
Imperva MPN: SS-M15-H1