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Radware Solutions

Application delivery, performance and cyber security solutions for on-prem, virtual and cloud networks, enterprise applications and data centers.

Radware for Application Delivery

Managing client connections to Web and Enterprise applications efficiently can improve the performance, security and resiliency of applications delivered over the web.

Radware application delivery controller (ADC) and application load balancing solutions simplify operations and provide comprehensive application delivery to ensure 24/7 availability, performance and security of mission-critical applications.

The solutions support business applications from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, VMware and many other vendors that require quick response times, continuous availability, seamless access from multiple locations and enterprise network grade security.

Radware Application Delivery and Load Balancing Solutions include the following features:

  • Guaranteed application availability under any circumstances – with application aware traffic redirection capabilities
  • Multi-site global server load balancing solution – to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Faster web application response time
  • Affordable, built-in virtualization
  • Built-in application and network security

Radware for Application Performance

Application monitoring helps in diagnosing complex application performance problems in order to maintain an expected level of service.

Deploying and managing globally distributed application delivery and network security services can be a highly complex task.

Radware application performance monitoring tool (APM) helps in maintaining application performance and protects SLAs by providing performance breakdown by application, location or specific transaction level, giving visibility to organizations source of the problems.

Radware Application Performance Monitoring enables full visibility into performance of applications with:

  • Full Application SLA Assurance
  • Automated and real-time acceleration of web application response time
  • Accelerated application performance for fixed and mobile clients, without impacting quality of experience of fixed browsers
  • Flexible deployment options-as a hardware appliance, software/virtual appliance, or as a cloud-based service

Radware for Security

Radware offers network and application security solutions against DDoS and web application attacks.

Radware solutions protect application infrastructure in real time against network and application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, information theft, Web services attacks and Web defacement.

The customers have the flexibility to implement these solutions on premise (Physical/Virtual) or as a cloud service subscription.

  • DDoS Attack Prevention and Mitiagation Solutions: Mitigate zero-day DDoS/DoS attacks through behaviour based techinques, real-time traffic signatures allowing for prevention and protection without human intervention.
  • Web Security Firewall Solutions: Provide real-time security patching for web applications via integrations with Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solutions and detects and patches vulnerable resources automatically whenever an application resource change is introduced.
  • SSL Inspection Solutions:Provide cost effective protection against both inbound and outbound cyber threats carried over SSL encrypted connections.

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