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Performance Visibility and Analytics

Performance Visibility and Analytics

Network Visibility and Analytics is a collection of techniques that work to deliver optimal performance levels within computer networks.

Monitoring the performance and quality of service of applications, network devices, components and the network itself to performance management acquires performance metrics to a granular level to deliver and report on service level agreements (SLA’s).

An extension of Network Performance Management, Network Intelligence (NI) builds upon the concepts and capabilities of Packet Capture, Deep Packet Inspection and is able in real time to inspect data packets that traverse networks by recognizing the protocols used and extracting packet content for analysis of data relationships and communications patterns.

Splunk : Server and Network Infrastructure Monitoring

Splunk® Enterprise helps deliver operational analytics for end-to-end insights across your entire infrastructure. It provides deep visibility into faults, events, capacity, configurations and the security of your server and network elements, whether in traditional datacenters or distributed cloud infrastructures.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold allows Network Managers to consolidate monitoring to identify and resolve issues faster, assuring the performance of critical apps and services with bandwidth utilization analysis and allowing IT Managers to document and exceed SLAs with real-time alerts and reporting.

  • Network Monitoring : Automatically discover and continuously monitor networked devices and servers. Analyze network traffic to assure prioritized bandwidth for critical apps. Automate inventory discovery and reporting.
  • Application Performance : When applications slow down, users complain. Let out of the box, best practice monitoring profiles assure that you meet your SLAs.
  • Cloud and Virtualisation : Get visibility into and control over the performance of web applications and virtual environments.
  • Log and Event Management : Automatically collect, store and archive logs. Generate out of the box compliance reports for PCI, HIPPA, SOX, Basel II and more.
  • Server Monitoring : Slow servers and storage can ruin an otherwise great day. See problems coming and get automated inventory reports as a bonus.
  • Web Performance Monitoring : Monitor the uptime and performance of web applications. Get early warning of delays in user interactions such checkouts and logins.
  • Configuration Management : Automatically inventory and store configuration files. Document changes to support regulatory compliance audits.

Radware for Application Performance

Radware application performance monitoring tool (APM) helps in maintaining application performance and protects SLAs by providing performance breakdown by application, location or specific transaction level, giving visibility to organizations' source of the problems.

  • Full Application SLA Assurance
  • Automated and real-time acceleration of web application response time
  • Accelerated application performance for fixed and mobile clients, without impacting quality of experience of fixed browsers
  • Flexible deployment options-as a hardware appliance, software/virtual appliance, or as a cloud-based service


Using FireMon Security Manager to continuously monitor the current state and effectiveness of all security device infrastructure allows network and security management to not only retain control and better adjust defenses, but also respond quickly when faced with business requests. By retaining visibility into configurations of hundreds, and often thousands of devices, Security Manager can enforce security policy across the enterprise, and maintain true situational awareness of network defenses to inform all subsequent decisions.

With FireMon, network and security teams can maintain a single, definitive view into the configurations of devices made by all major firewall vendors and present data in a centralized, real-time, customizable dashboard that provides reports to inform numerous management processes.

IXIA : Packet Processing

IXIA's extensive range of visibility solutions provide end-to-end visibility into entire networks for fast, reliable, and accurate analysis of network performance

IXIA's Network Packet Brokers (NPB) are compact, hardware-based, rack-mounted devices that offer a new approach for handling and manipulating network packets. NPBs optimize the access and visibility of traffic from one or many network links to monitoring, security and acceleration tools. NPB capabilities include:

  • Aggregation of monitored traffic from multiple links/segments
  • Filtering and grooming of traffic to relieve overburdened monitoring tools
  • Load-balancing traffic across a pool of tools
  • Regeneration of traffic to multiple tools

NPBs intelligently distribute traffic flowing from network devices across various port mappings-many-to-many, any-to-many, many-to-any, and any-to-any. Formerly NPBs were known as data monitoring switches, data access switches, matrix switches, or traffic aggregators.

  • NTO 7300 : High-density, modular platform for high performance, intelligent visibility
  • NTO 5236 : High performance visibility appliance with lossless packet processing at 1GE and 10GE

IXIA : Network Access

With virtualization, "Big Data" and the sheer complexity of enterprise networks on the rise, dynamic network monitoring of performance and security provides a critical business advantage. Ixia's network visibility products deliver ongoing insight into production networks to help maximize your company's productivity and profitability, as well as its return on new and existing IT investments.


  • Network Taps : Reliable data access family of products for monitoring live network traffic
  • Bypass Switches : Failsafe devices to ensure uptime and high availability of monitoring and security deployments
  • Tap Aggregators : Combine traffic from network links for monitoring tools


  • Virtual Tap : Passive network access to traffic passing between VMs

Castle Rock SNMPc

SNMPc Enterprise is a secure distributed Network Management System which delivers proactive real-time monitoring for your entire network infrastructure. Advanced product features and legendary ease of use have led to over 120,000 network managers trusting SNMPc to monitor their mission critical networks.