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PacketLight Products

Optical network infrastructure products for DWDM, CWDM, OTN and dark fiber transport connectivity with encryption capability for up to 100G services

Transponder Products

PacketLight transponder products are designed to be the most cost effective and compact 1U WDM solutions that aid services providers, dark fiber developers, and enterprises increase their fiber capacity while maintaining the flexibility of growth and achieving higher ROI.

PacketLight transponder products provide the necessary platform to allow smooth WDM optical network transition, for high bandwidth needs while reducing the implementation, maintenance and growth costs.

Optical Amplifier Products

PacketLight amplifiers are designed to extend the power link budget of WDM solutions in a cost effective manner. PacketLight PL-1000IL Optical Amplifier provides amplification for a range of optical solutions starting from 4 wavelengths up to 96 DWDM wavelengths and incorporates 4 main types of low-noise EDFAs (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers) Booster, Inline and Pre-Amplifier and Raman Amplifier for DWDM.

Muxponder products

PacketLight Muxponder family of products consists of sub-10G and 10G muxponders, designed specifically to meet the challenges for planning a stable, easily managed and expandable fiber optic network efficiently.

PacketLight muxponders provide efficient and flexible aggregation layer of multi-protocol/multi-rate sub-10G and 10G/40G services into common optical transport layer using OTU2 and OTU4 uplink trunks respectively. The resulting increase in fiber utilization and spectral efficiency of data transport reduces the solution cost and operation complexity while increasing the reach and simplifying the growth path.

Encryption Products

PacketLight encryption products offer solutions around data confidentiality, data integrity and authentication, preventing unauthorized disclosure of information, protecting message alteration and validating communication parties' identity.

PacketLight PL-1000TE-Crypto is a multi-rate, multi-service Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing transponder (DWDM) supporting innovative cryptographic capability for 40GE, 10GbE, GbE data and 4/8/10/16G FC storage services. With this capability, PacketLight PL-1000TE-Crypto provides added security benefit to any DWDM link by encrypting the data passing between the sites.

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Compact 1U transponder products for network transition into WDM optical networks, with high bandwidth needs.

Optical Amplifiers

DWDM Booster Inline and Pre-Amplifier EDFA products to extend the power link budget of DWDM solutions


Aggregation products for multi-protocol/multi-rate sub-10G and 10G/40G/100G services into common optical transport layer using OTU2 and OTU4 uplink trunks.

Security and Encryption

Encrypted Transponder product in a compact 1U chassis offering remote data center connectivity security for Government, Financial institutes, Cloud service providers and ISP.