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The NETGENIQ Electronic Security Data FABRIC Connects, Collects and Converts Machine Data from Electronic Security Systems and Delivers to Analytics Platforms.

Deliver CCTV and Access Analytics Data

The NETGENIQ FABRIC Connects, Collects, Converts and Delivers machine data from Electronic Security systems such as CCTV to data analytics platforms.

Use FABRIC delivered data to add vehicle and people movements to analytics platforms such as Splunk, PowerBI and Tableau.

Combine and Analyse data from CCTV or Access Control devices together with data from CRM, ERP or IT business systems.

DNA Connect is an authorised distributor for NETGENIQ products in Australia and New Zealand.

Use the NETGENIQ FABRIC to deliver the following on off-the-shelf Analytics platforms;

  • People and Space Analytics
  • Vehicle Analytics
  • Retail Analytics
  • Ship Analytics
  • Access Analytics

Ensure Safety of Staff, Customers and Students

  • Reduce risks of Reputation and/or Revenue loss
  • Allows Pro-Active Action instead of Reactive
  • Improve Customer Experience

Gain Insights on how to;

  • Collect and Trend data over Longer Time frames than is stored in the Electronic Security System by Default.
  • Provide Business Intelligence such as Customer Dwell Time or Facilities Usage
  • Enable customers to make Data Driven Business Decisions such as for Staffing Levels

Useful Links:

Contact DNA Connect Sales to find out more about NETGENIQ Products.

Ingesting CCTV Analytics Data into Splunk

Insights outlining how you can extract and decode the metadata from the CCTV video feed and integrate it into Splunk for a range of use-cases.