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Libelium Smart Parking Sensor Node

The new Smart Parking sensor node, part of Libelium’s Smart Cities solution, is designed to be buried or mounted on the road surface in parking spaces and detect the arrival and departure of vehicles.

The Smart Parking platform will allow system integrators to offer comprehensive parking management solutions. By providing accurate information on available parking spaces, motorists save time and fuel allowing cities to reduce atmospheric pollution and congestion.

The Smart Parking sensor node is easier and cheaper to deploy as it can be mounted on the road surface.

Unlike most market versions, the sensor does not require a hole to be dug in the ground for installation, reducing installation time from 30 to 5 minutes and can be replaced by another unit in case of maintenance in just 10 minutes.

The smaller size reduced over 50%, its higher accuracy and reliability, and the faster time of detection, besides the independence from temperature are also important features of new Smart Parking device.

Key Features
  • Dual detection system: magnetic field and RSSI
  • Dual installation deployment: on surface / under the road
  • Make it compatible with your own Cloud (open source tools)
  • 1-minute configuration: no programming
  • Compatible with any Sigfox Cloud backend
  • Robust waterproof IP68 rated enclosure
  • Remote Setup from the Cloud
  • Fully certified for Australia RCM

Smart Parking sensor system is fully compatible with Sigfox radio technologies in Australia and LoRaWAN for 915MHz and 923MHz bands to enable long range and low power consumption.

The new Smart Parking sensor model has been optimized for extremely low-power operation allowing battery lifetime up to at least 10 years.

The new Smart Parking node complies with all applicable ACMA regulatory arrangement, and has been granted the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).

Remote management and bidirectional communication allows changes to several parameters of the Smart Parking sensor nodes from the Cloud. Thousands of nodes can be reprogrammed by simply setting the right values from the web browser in the management platform.

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Libelium, Smart Parking Node 10 Units Bundle - Sigfox Connectivity

DNA Part Code: LI-SP-10-AAPL
Libelium MPN: SP-10-AAPL

Libelium, Smart Parking Node 6 Units Bundle - Sigfox Connectivity

DNA Part Code: LI-SP-6-AAPL
Libelium MPN: SP-6-AAPL

Libelium, Smart Parking Installation Kit

Libelium MPN: SP-INST