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KnowledgeConnect - education, training and knowledge transfer.

Over 20 years experience in providing technical knowledge and deep insights on all our Vendors by offering a strong focus on enablement and support.
Live Webinar Insights

Gain valuable insights about products and technologies you either may not be familiar with, or wish to gain a deeper understanding via an informative live webinar insight. 

These insights provide an understand of how a solution compares to others in the market, where it can apply to your customers with real-world use cases that demonstrate the additional value you could be gaining from your existing offering. 

See our upcoming Webinar Insights.

Sales & Technical Positioning

Tailored specially for sales and technical staff, these sessions will introduce the capabilities and sales positioning of our specific vendors to understand;

  • Vendor history and background
  • Products and solutions summary
  • Elevator pitches
  • Competitive analysis
  • Success stories
  • Use-case examples
  • Basic demonstration 

Enablement Seminars & Workshops

Become self-sufficient by learning how to architect and fully demonstrate a solution. These enablements and workshops will help you transition to becoming fully certified.

Training is delivered by certified Engineers and is designed to enable customers to deliver sales and technical presentations by providing an overview of the technical features and benefits of the vendor’s product line together with key use-case scenarios.

Instructor Led Certification Training

Knowledge Connect offers both sales and technical certification training available virtually or on-site. 

Our instructors are all vendor certified trainers and experienced practicing engineers able to share their extensive practical knowledge of the solutions they are providing training on.


Gain an accurate and deep understanding of our products and technologies by watching a live webinar insight.