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Ixia Products

Unlock the value of your network and exceed customer expectations with Ixia’s complete portfolio of network tools and professional services.


Ixia's Network Visibility products eliminate dangerous blind spots with end-to-end visibility into physical, virtual, and SDN networks. Products include :

Network Packet Brokers: Easy-to-use, intelligent filtering and distribution of traffic, including Layer 7 application flows and encrypted secure sockets layer (SSL), at line rate with zero loss of packets. Products include: Vision ONE, NTO 5236, NTO 7300, NTO 5288, xStream 40.

Network Access: High-performance, plug-and-play solutions that provide permanent access to network traffic for optimal network monitoring and security – without introducing costly bottlenecks or points of failure. Products include: Flex Taps, Phantom vTaps, Tap Aggregators, Bypass Swithes

Visibility Intelligence: An intelligent and contextual visibility framework to ensure high performance and secure application delivery. Products include: Application and Threat Intelligence Processor, GTP Session Controller, TradeView

Management: Centralized performance, fault monitoring, and configuration management. Products include: ControlTower & Indigo Pro


Ixia’s test solutions assess and validate the performance of networks, devices, and services for faster time-to-market. Products include:

Applications and security: Ensure high-performing applications and secure networks. Products include: BreakingPoint, BreakingPoint VE, IxLoad, IxLoad VE

Network Infrastructure: Validate the scalability and performance of your network infrastructure. Products include: IxNetwork, IxNetwork VE, IxChariot, IxANVL

Wi-Fi and Cellular: Validate the performance of your complete end-to-end wireless deployment. Products include: Ixia IoT, IxLoad Wireless, IxCatapult, IxVeriWave

DevOps: Optimize development cycles and ensure high-performing, secure applications and networks. Products include: Developer


Ixia’s security solutions help you stay one step ahead of attacks. Products include:-

Network Security Test: Ensure the highest-performing security for your network and applications. Products include: BreakingPoint, BreakingPoint VE, IxLoad-IPSec VPN

Threat Intelligence Gateway: Block connections from known malicious IP addresses and untrusted countries while preventing phishing replies and botnet connections. Reduce ‘alert fatigue’ by stemming the flood of alerts from SIEMs and security tools. Products include: ThreatArmor

Application and Threat Intelligence: Understand which applications are running on your network and ensure no rogue applications are hijacking your bandwidth. Products include: Application and Threat Intelligence Processor, Application and Threat Intelligence Subscription


Ixia's cloud visibility platform - CloudLens – provides deep visibility and ensures access to packet data in the cloud environments as Public and Private cloud environments have the potential for blind spots.

With the distributed Architecture of the Public Cloud environments, where physical resources are shared, it becomes extremely challenging to have visibility, where physical Taps will not work.

In the Private Cloud environments, packets can travel between Virtual Machines on the same server (referred to as inter-VM or east-west traffic) which is difficult to access.

CloudLens provides the following in public, private, and hybrid cloud;

  • Data access and capture
  • Data grooming and filtering
  • Data delivery to security and monitoring tools

Ixia CloudLens DatasheetIxia CloudLens : Download Datasheet

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Network Taps

Net Optics Network Taps by IXIA - A reliable data access family of products for monitoring live traffic.

Network Packet Brokers

Easy-to-use, intelligent filtering and distribution of traffic, including Layer 7 application flows and encrypted secure sockets layer (SSL)