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Internet of Things

IoT, IIoT, M2M, Mobility, Connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects such devices, vehicles, buildings and other items with embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

We’ve securely connected Things at the edge of enterprise and industrial networks for decades, developing skills and knowledge to position us perfectly in evolving IoT/IIoT markets - offering not only of best-of-breed products and services but the experience to ensure they work for you.


Disparate and deployed connected devices can provide the enterprise a unique touch point to real-world operations and conditions. But collection, storage and insight of the machine data generated by the IoT can be a challenge.

Splunk software ingests, analyzes and visualizes real-time and historical machine data from any source—including industrial control systems and connected devices—enabling you to improve operations, ensure safety and compliance, perform preventative maintenance and better manage the life cycle of assets.

Use Splunk to collect, index and harness the power of the machine data generated by connected devices and machines deployed on your local network or around the world.

For further information : Splunk powered IoT, IIoT solutions


Thinxtra empowers the IoT by commercializing and operating the first nationwide LPWA networks in Australia and New Zealand based on Sigfox connectivity technology.

Thinxtra can assist at every level of the IoT food chain from:

  • IoT devices’ selection with the right sensors (bespoke or off-the-shelf)
  • Communication via Sigfox connectivity (low power, low cost, simple and reliable) to send data to the cloud
  • Generic or bespoke platform + App to monitor all your IoT devices and analyze the data generated
  • Local System Integrators to customize the solution and integrate to current systems


Reekoh provides an agile software platform that connects and integrates IoT technologies with any business system.

Reekoh's IoT Fabric™ is a vendor-agnostic data management layer that provides the glue for bringing all of these things together, solving difficult data problems simply so customers can focus on the solving their business problems.

Reekoh's IoT Fabric™ is helping enterprises to rapidly take control of their fragmented IoT solutions, unlock the full value of their data, and build capability for the future.


ThingWorx is the first IoT application enablement platform designed to meet the needs of today’s connected world.

The ThingWorx IoT Platform has been proven at hundreds of leading companies, managing millions of connected products. You can build and deliver IoT solutions in a fraction of the time of other approaches.

The ThingWorx IoT Platform helps companies:

  • Increase product knowledgebase within service and support by accessing and capturing real-time and historical machine information
  • Cut travel costs with proactive remote service that helps teams address issues remotely before they cause downtime
  • Avoid return trips after initial installation with remote service applications that help monitor key operational parameters and enable teams to address tasks, such as remotely re-programming PLCs
  • Improve customer satisfaction with value-added remote services that improve product uptime and reduce overall incidents
  • Integrate service and support process from enterprise business systems with machine data


Libelium designs and manufactures fully integrated products for wireless sensor networks that enable companies to design and implement reliable Internet of Things (IoT), M2M on any Wireless Sensor Network, including the following Smart solutions;

  • Smart Cities
    Applications including noise maps (monitored in real time the acoustic levels in the streets of a city [LeqA in dBA]), air quality, waste management, smart lighting, etc.
  • Smart Environment
    Monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and types of gases for city pollution measurement, emissions from farms and hatcheries, control of chemical and industrial processes, forest fires, etc.
  • Smart Agriculture
    Perform vineyards monitoring for enhancing wine quality, selective irrigation on golf courses and conditions control in greenhouses among others.
  • Smart Water
    Remotely monitor of the most relevant parameters related to water quality including the most relevant for water control such as dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential, pH, conductivity, temperature and turbidity.
  • Smart Security
    Monitor security parameters such as perimeter access control, liquid presence detection and doors and windows openings
  • Smart Phone
    Detects any smartphone, laptop or hands-free device without the need of being connected to a specific Access Point.

B+B SmartWorx

B+B SmartWorx brings intelligence right to the edge of your network with our wireless sensing platform.

It’s a combination of intelligent edge nodes, SmartMesh IP™ wireless networking technology and our award-winning Spectre™ Network Gateway that provides a complete connectivity stack between virtually any sensor type and an IoT analytics applications – even in the most demanding environments.

DNA Connect are authorised B+B Smartworx Distributors in Australia and New Zealand.