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Ingesting CCTV Analytics Data into Splunk

Insights outlining how you can extract and decode the metadata from the CCTV video feed and integrate it into Splunk for a range of use-cases.

Lights, Camera, Splunk - Action!

Ingesting CCTV Analytics Data into Splunk

Traditionally CCTV cameras only recorded video, and this video was often only viewed after the event if at all. Modern CCTV cameras have evolved to become powerful edge computing devices with on board analytic capabilities – effectively an optical sensor.

These smart cameras are a rich data source and can provide detailed information on people & vehicle movement and their behaviours. However this data is often siloed and inaccessible to anyone but the security team meaning that the business misses out on this valuable data source.   

Through the NETGENIQ FABRIC this data source can be delivered into Splunk which when combined with other data sets can provide valuable business insights.

Join our webinar to learn how this valuable video metadata source can be extracted from the video feed itself and delivered into Splunk – all without needing to process the video itself within Splunk and leaving the original video unaltered on the VMS.

With NETGENIQ FABRIC providing the bridge, now you can ingest decoded CCTV analytics data into your Splunk environment in a few simple steps to realise its true potential and deliver business benefits across many use-cases including;

For Retailers/Museums/Hospitality

  • Did our promotion or marketing campaign drive more visits/foot traffic and if so did this convert to sales?
  • What was the average time in store, what were the popular product displays?
  • Are customers being served quickly or do we have queue abandonment?

For Facilities/Building Managers/Councils

  • How are customers/staff/students using the space and at what time? Could we reduce our utility costs?
  • How many vehicles entered or exited today? How long did they stay on average?

  • Splunk Engineers/Architects
  • IT Business Analysts
  • Business Users of Splunk
  • IT/Sec Operations Engineers

By attending this webinar you will understand:

  • CCTV in-camera analytics technologies
  • Ways businesses can benefit from CCTV data
  • Sample Splunk use cases/applications with CCTV data  
  • How you can integrate CCTV data into Splunk
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