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Purpose-built solutions and mission-oriented applications that bring speed, simplicity, and security to your big data.

Gemini is a purpose-built big data appliance that can dramatically reduce the cost for enterprises to deploy Splunk compared to commodity hardware cost for new deployment over three years. Total provisioning time can be reduced to within 1 hour instead of the potential days required to build out an end-to-end infrastructure.

Gemini appliance features a hardened secure operating environment with an easy to learn GUI which can further reduce the overall deployment labor costs to less than 25% compared to rolling out commodity servers.

Gemini big data appliances provide enterprise with a secure and scalable alternative to commodity hardware while reducing effort and delivering a lower total cost of ownership.

DNA Connect is an authorised distributor for Gemini Data in Australia.

Securing Your Big Data Environment Requires More Than Commodity Hardware

Big Data Security is critical. The things you don’t know about are your biggest threats. This requires security professionals to be proactive identifying anomalous threads and be reactive in performing forensic investigations – all in real time.

To accomplish this, security professionals need ease of use and real-time performance at scale.

Big data software fulfills the need to collect and analyze massive amounts of data. Yet, it’s limited by the lack of performance and scale of standard commodity hardware. Web-scale challenges collecting and making sense of data, especially security data, are plaguing security teams.

The Gemini Appliance is purpose built for Splunk, allowing our security customers to focus on making sense of big data versus battling underlying infrastructure challenges. Gemini is an integrated appliance with a hardened operating system, high-performance storage and an intuitive web interface that simplifies Splunk configuration. Additionally, Gemini appliance is optimized for Splunk Enterprise Security and provides integrated support for Splunk security apps such as FireEye, Palo Alto Networks and Ziften.

Scale Your Big Data Deployment and Digital Infrastructure

Organizations continue to realize the value of machine data. With terabytes of data flooding systems, traditional architecture and infrastructures are unable to keep up. Operations and infrastructure teams with tight budgets and limited resources face systems constraints, causing frustration and underperformance. Traditional commodity hardware is simply not designed and optimized for machine data, limiting the ability to design and deploy scalable systems.

Gemini appliance changed this paradigm by making it easy for organization to deploy, store and consume machine data at scale.

Built by machine data experts, the Gemini big data appliance is a digital infrastructure platform that integrates high-performance storage, an optimized and security hardened operating system, and Gemini provides enterprises with the most advanced and convenient data exploration solution. Gemini simplifies the deployment and day to day operations of big data software such as Splunk and Hadoop, and reduces the need for IT Operations FTEs by simplifying administration of all the appliances that comprise your deployment. With Gemini appliance, easily manage network settings, system configuration and other services through your browser.


Why Gemini Appliance

Gemini Appliance works with customers who:

  • Have experienced performance issues with their big data deployments, either due to lack of hardware resources or the questionable speeds associated with SAN or NAS devices.
  • Need to segment a specific portion of their Splunk data from a generic deployment within their enterprise or cloud.
  • Don’t have access to the IT Operations resources required to run big data deployments at scale.
  • Want to reduce the total cost of ownership of their big data deployment and management.
  • Managing, architecting, deploying and configuring big data solutions on commodity hardware requires extensive experience.

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Gemini Insights

Learn how to use this infinitely flexible appliance for Splunk big data deployments, providing a centralized, consistent interface while ensuring optimized performance and platform specific features.