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Database Security

SecureSphere Database Security solutions secure sensitive data stored in databases. SecureSphere provides full visibility into data usage, vulnerabilities and access rights. A SecureSphere Database Security solution enables security, audit and risk professionals to improve data security and meet compliance mandates.

Unique to the industry, SecureSphere enables customers to optimize the deployment of database security solutions by combining remote assessment scans, agent-based monitoring and network activity monitoring. Agents can be used for monitoring local privileged activity exclusively, or for monitoring all database activity.

Key Capabilities:
  • Audit all access to sensitive data by privileged and application users
  • Alert or block database attacks and abnormal access requests, in real time
  • Detect and virtually patch database software vulnerabilities based on Imperva ADC research – reducing the window of exposure
  • Identify excessive and dormant user rights to sensitive data
  • Accelerate incident response and forensic investigation with advanced analytics

Useful Links:

SecureSphere Database Firewalls

SecureSphere Database Firewall (DBF) effectively protects databases from attacks, data loss and theft.

With real-time monitoring, alerting and blocking, pre-built security policies and audit rules SecureSphere protects the most valuable database resources and ensures data integrity.

SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring

SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring delivers an automated and scalable database auditing solution that monitors and audits all access to sensitive data across heterogeneous database platforms.