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IoT/IIoT Sensors and Solutions

Wzzard Wireless Sensing Solutions are an easy and non-intrusive way to capture IoT sensor data to help integrators, VARs and service providers efficiently develop and deploy secure, smart, self-powered, and scalable IoT solutions.

Intelligent Wireless IoT Sensing

Wzzard is an easy to use, complete wireless sensor connectivity platform for customers that value scalable, intelligent, reliable Internet of Things (IoT) networking. Because of its efficient distribution of information, low power usage and minimised data packets, it is ideal for mobile or remote locations.

Wzzard’s Intelligent Edge Nodes IP is based upon the wireless IEEE 802.15.4e standard and creates full-mesh (sometimes referred to as “mesh-to-the-edge”) networks. SmartMesh IP networks overcome reliability concerns by using wireless mesh technologies—time diversity, frequency diversity, and physical diversity - to assure customers the benefits of reliability, resiliency, scalability, power source flexibility, and ease-of-use.

The main benefits of Wzzard’s Intelligent Edge System include;

  • Wide range of sensors supported through analog and digital I/O
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Cloud management tool for configuration and device management
  • Battery life up to 10 years
  • 802.15.4e SmartMesh IP technology
  • Supports MQTT and JSON
  • Ability to monitor 100 nodes per gateway
  • Rugged, IP67-rated, reinforced-fiber polyester PBT enclosure
  • Ultra-compact node design (0.09 kg)
Intelligent Wireless IoT Sensing

Wzzard Wireless Mesh I/O Sensors

Wzzard Wireless Mesh I/O Sensors

The effort required to get the data from IoT devices is often complex, expensive and disruptive to critical equipment or processes, so these valuable projects are set aside.

Wzzard Wireless Sensing nodes solves this problem, making it easy and non-intrusive to capture sensor data from existing equipment to enable ongoing improvements that lower costs and increase productivity. Now with commercial nodes (for applications that don’t require an IP rating), it is possible to have quick and easy IoT ROI.

Wzzard sensor options include temperature monitoring, humidity, pressure, level, flow, vibration, gas, bio-sensor, photoelectric and proximity.

SmartSwarm 342 Router

The SmartSwarm 342 IIoT gateway enables the transfer of data from any asset into an IoT / IIoT application for dashboarding, analytics or predictive maintenance purposes.

Data can be collated from a number of sources, including web feeds, databases, and files, as well as from locally connected physical devices and sensors.

The SmartSwarm 342 includes an interface and manager for B+B’s Wzzard wireless sensor platform providing robust acquisition and transmission of asset sensor data without the expense or time involved in installing cables.

For bulk I/O requirements where cabling is not an issue, the router is also compatible with WISE and ADAM Ethernet connected I/O modules.

SmartSwarm 342 Router

IoT Platform

IoT Platform

The collected data can be ingested into platforms like Splunk, however Wzzard users are able to utilize the Node-RED application platform on the SmartSwarm gateway, enabling local decision making, alerts and data conversion at the edge of the network.

Node-RED is a powerful, yet simple to use, applications programming environment optimized for processing data streams. Users drag and drop function nodes to acquire, process and output data, via an internal web server interface provided by the SmartSwarm 342.

The Node-RED environment is containerized, meaning that any user error made in programming cannot crash the gateway, which will remain connected and available for remote management in order to correct the error without the expense of a site visit.

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