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Avigilon Products

A full range of video surveillance products, access control solutions and video analytics - from servers to surveillance cameras to security door readers.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Avigilon offers video surveillance solutions through High definition intelligent security cameras, IP camaras and video management software that optimizes the way security professionals manage and interact with high-definition videos.

These security cameras are available in a variety of formats and designs to deliver clear image quality.

  • Avigilon H4 Intercom
  • Avigilon H4 Multi Sensor Cameras
  • Avigilon H4 Licence Plate Capture (LPC) Cameras
  • Avigilon HD Bullet Cameras
  • Avigilon HD Dome Cameras
  • Avigilon H4 Edge Solution Cameras
  • Avigilon Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras
  • Avigilon H4 IR PTZ Cameras
  • Avigilon H4 Thermal Cameras
  • Avigilon License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras
  • Avigilon HD Multisensor Cameras
  • Avigilon H4 Fisheye Cameras
  • Avigilon HD Panoramic Cameras
  • Avigilon H4 Mini Dome Cameras
  • Avigilon HD Micro Dome Cameras
  • Avigilon H4 SL Cameras
  • Avigilon H4 HD Cameras
  • Avigilon HD Pro Cameras
  • Avigilon Security and Surveillance Cameras

    Avigilon Video Analytics - Avigilon Control Center - Video Management Software

    Video Analytics

    Avigilon self-learning video analytics extends the effectiveness of security personnel by providing effective monitoring and enabling proactive, real-time response from security team.

    Built from the ground up to manage high-definition video, Avigilon offers analytics embedded in Avigilon security cameras for advanced analytics features to be incorporated with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software.

    ACC video management software enables video analytics events and alarms to be managed, viewed and searched through an intuitive user interface.

    Advanced Analytic functions like Avigilon Appearance Search are incorporated in Avigilon Control Center (ACC-6) and enables the software to provide faster responses and reduce investigation time.

    ACC-6 can integrated with Avigilon's Access Control Management (ACM) system for full featured security solution.

    Video Surveillance Hardware

    Avigilon provides secure, reliable and scalable platforms for high performance end-to-end security solutions from small sites to larger systems.

    Avigilon network security recorders have Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software preloaded and configured for plug-and-play network video recording and management of multi-megapixel IP security cameras.

    Avigilon Network Video Recording Solution comprises of;

  • Avigilon Network Security Recorders
  • Avigilon HD Video Appliances
  • Avigilon Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appliance
  • Avigilon Network Security Workstations
  • Avigilon Video Surveillance Hardware

    Avigilon Radar Sensors

    Avigilon Radar Sensors

    Avigilon offers a new breed of products which uses impulse radar technology to detect any human presence with impressive accuracy levels.

    Avigilon radar sensors extend the surveillance to areas such as ATM rooms, healthcare facilities and banks where a surveillance camera cannot be used due to privacy concerns.

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    Avigilon Video Surveillance Cameras

    High definition security cameras which provide effective video surveillance and monitoring with superior image quality

    Avigilon Video Analytics

    Avigilon self-learning video analytics embedded in Avigilon security cameras works in conjunction with the Avigilon Control Center to enable analytics events and alarms to be managed, viewed and searched through the use of advanced video analytics features.

    Avigilon Network Security Recorders

    With pre-loaded Avigilon ACC, NVR's are configured for maximum performance, reliability and can be easily integrated into any new or legacy Avigilon security system.

    Avigilon Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appliance

    The Avigilon Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appliance adds patented self-learning video analytics and Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology to nearly any IP camera.

    Avigilon HD Video Appliances

    A new generation of Avigilon High Definition Video Appliances providing an all-in-one security solution with improved performance and higher capacity that help reduce installation time and overall complexity of the surveillance system.

    Avigilon Network Security Workstations

    Dedicated high performance systems ideal for live or recorded footage viewing directly on the network video recorder or when additional monitoring workstations are needed.

    Radar Sensors

    A new breed of products which uses impulse radar technology to detect any human presence with impressive accuracy levels.